Track Your E-Mail Leads

Better Campaign Management

Control your leads ultimately by combining call and email tracking.

Manage Multiple Clients' Mails

Easily Group mails from several clients for fast and effortless sorting.

Email Validation & Reports

Set e-mail accounts as valid or spam with a single click of a button - focus only on e-mails that have profit potential.

Count Form Submissions

Count your form submissions from your landing pages, contact us pages, customer's surveys and more.

Email Reports Screen

Mail Tracking Features

  • Instant email address generation
  • Incoming email reports
  • Mail counting and validation process
  • Mail stream
  • Multiple mail groups and destinations
  • Smart search
  • Mail routing

How Does It Work?

As Easy As Calls

Place the unique e-mail address we provide you in any landing page or contact form and you will start receiving emails directly to your AddSource account. You gain an unlimited amount of email addresses so you can use as many you need.

Mail Reports & Validation

Create critical insight reports by using the mail log and marking emails as valid or invalid. The system is designed for high-volume activity, so if you have dedicated representatives handling your mail, our automated refresh feature will help them track and stay on top of every new email.

Email Setting Screen

Email Stream Screen

Every Mail Counts

AddSource email tracking feature allows full quantification of mail leads you get from your various marketing and advertising channels. We offer the most efficient solution to track mail leads along with a unique feature of mail validation process to distinguish the amount of valid requests from the total.

Track emails to manage and to better respond to incoming mail requests. AddSource’ platform provides you with critical statistics from your incoming leads and mail stream, helping you to turn every query to a sale.