AddSource provides call tracking services and local toll-free phone numbers. The service run on unique VoIP platform, which offer you a complete set of tools to analyze and review your business phone number performance.
AddSource' system empowers you with tools to better understand and analyze your phone line performances. You will be able to know what advertising channel is the most effective one, what is the busiest and the most profitable time of the day in terms of phone call leads, get to know your call representatives and train them on how to serve your customers properly, gain statistics and create customers calls archive etc.
When you choose AddSource, you get your competitors Call Center capabilities - at the price of a VoIP service! We offer you a reliable VoIP provider, with an easy to use interface and powerful features. Best of all, choosing our solution allows your business to grow fast and strong.
You don't need any additional phone lines or hardware to use our service. You do need at least one working phone with an active phone number in order to answer live calls. AddSource' service works with any type of phone with an active 10-digit phone number (mobile phone, home phone, office phone, etc). Because our system is cloud based, all data and analytics, as well as account management is available through standard web browsers.
No. You can cancel the service any time. We also offer you a free 30 days trial - please check our packages to find out more.
The only way for a caller to know your true location is if you tell them... Buying a local phone number allows you to appear as a local business. Buying a toll-free phone number allows you to appear as a nation-wide business. It is all up to you and your needs.
You can buy and add as many phone numbers as you need. Local & Toll-Free phone numbers can be purchased from within the system.
No. AddSource' system works together with your current, existing phone number. Your added VoIP phone numbers will be forwarded to your current phone number.
Simply call us toll free at (866) 524 6699 to speak to one of our helpful representatives, or contact us via the form.