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October 18, 2019

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From David Dovman

Founder & CEO Of Addsource

If you manage a local business directory or a citation listing website of any kind, Probably, most of the profit must come from priority listings and premium placement. If so, It's time to wake up and start lifting up to new standard!

why? Because everything you know is about to change! 

From Priority And Premium Listing To Pay Per Call and Pay Per Lead

The Premium position listings model was created by the largest nation-wide directories like Yellow Pages, Home Advisor, Yelp, Dex Media and so..  This model did service as industry standard for the past 20 year..

– Since 2012 Industry leaders has started converting part of their advertising offering for Local Businesses to a Pay Per Call model. This had a great success generating revenues for both business sides.

So, What is the reason behind their strategy? And why they keeping low profile on this if it’s such successful model?

Figure 1: Yellow Pages Pay Per Call Program Home Page

Suckers don't die, they just get replaced.

I hate to say this, but local business are being fulished for the past 20 years and they bite the bait until today!

They did get the placement, but due to their poor ability to measure the effectiveness of their advertising efforts, they never knew what they are getting in return!

Figure 2: People are still paying for priority listings On Yellow Pages

Imagine that you’re a locksmith in Los Angeles and you are offered to be listed in the first listing within the locksmith section on, Sound’s like you’re about to make a buck or 2 right?

So i tested it personally, and let me surprise you

1st place listing will cost you something like $1.5-2K a month,

and approximately generate 10-20 calls per month,

Which means that we payed $100 Per Call!, now, the average ticket in the locksmith industry is something between $100-$200.

it's obviously impossible for a businesses to generate profit this way.

And great amount of businesses still don’t understand those simple facts and don’t demand CPA programs. allowing big players gain profit. which is the reason why priority listing business model is not going away yet!

This was accurate till 2018 when Google changed the rules and the way business will consume advertising in the future!

The Game Changer - Google Guarantee

Google changed the way business consumes advertising again.

  • Offers Pay Per Call Advertising with a self serve platform as an alternative to Google Adwords for local service providers across 30+ industries across the US and Some cities in Canada.

  • Google is placing this program on a high regard, they replaced Adwords first and second results to Google Guarantee Ads.

  • It's a zero-upfront cost advertising solution without the need of a marketing agency in between.

In short, Google recognize that businesses can’t manage Adwords campaigns

Because businesses understand calls and leads (aka CPA)

and not clicks and impressions.

This is a huge transformation that is becoming industry standard and transforms the way local businesses will consume advertising!

Figure 3: Google Guarantee Ads With Google-Owned Numbers For Tracking Purposes

Directories and Local citations publishers has a unique opportunity here, Because every publisher is literally 1-click away from offering pay per call advertising! 


So How Can i Make 10X more?

Start Offering Pay Per Call And Pay Per Lead To Businesses!

  • Calls prices goes from $10-$600 based on the vertical, so the payout can outperform any priority listing ROI.
  • Easily convert freemium and non generating revenue listings into paying customers
  • Pay Per Call platforms are easy and don’t require much if any effort to implement.
  • The Easiest marketing product to sell, No commintments or annual contract, custmomer pay's only when value is served.
  • Customer retention and scaling are easy! Try to find a business that says No for more REAL Customers calls!!!

Figure 4: How Pay Call Works?

This is How Success Looks Like

A Local Directory That Scaled His Business With Addsource Utilizing Pay per Call & Pay Per Lead

Figure 5: Addsource Dashboard For A Local Locksmith Directory In The US

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Marketing Giants are educating the market and Creating new industry standard for local business advertising.

Today’s business willing to pay only for results and seeking to shift from traditional priority listings campaigns impressions or clicks to actions like calls massages & bookings.

which makes Pay per call is the most transparent way to purchase advertising

They only point from which business can calculate ROI and increase budget is

X amount of Call = X amount of Booked Jobs = ROI

If this become clear that the next thing in advertisement for service providers is a CPA in this case direct calls to the business. soon Google will finish educate the market with some help from other marketing giants like YP, Yelp & Home advisor etc, and it will become industry standard, publishers that don’t have a CPA Ecosystem will slowly vanish!
Business have hard time to commit for priority listing and retainer offering for the simple reason that they not sure about the results it will be delivering however if the proposition is the result Its the easiest marketing product to sale!

AddSource allows publishers to shift from traditional advertising methods to SPA! Start Selling per action just like google home advisor and YP does! Don’t miss the train & Join with us to Sell-Per-Action Revolution!!!