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Turn your business directory to highly profitable, action-oriented web environment. Sell calls & leads to local businesses utilizing Pay Per Action.

all-in-one Pay Per Action platform

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Complete Call & Form Tracking Suite

Powerful Performance Based Billing

Agency Level Reporting And White-Labeling

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"Through our partnership with Addsource, we have been able to Scale Our Profits with much less handling with clients Either"

Mark B

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Powerful Pay Per Call & Lead Solution For Directories

Get the complete picture of how your listed service providers performs in your directory.
No other call tracking platform offers granular management & automation at this scale.
  • Assign toll-free and local numbers for each listed business.
  • Validate call conversions with unique rules per phone line.
  • Track omni-channel conversions utilizing SMS, Email & Webforms.
  • Set money amount for every billable call lead and collect automatically.

White-label everything!

Deliver results & reports under one ecosystem, define system roles and access level custom for each account.

White Label Dashboard

Customize our dashboard to carry your brand .

Publisher & Advertiser

Manage sub-accounts and deliver custom dashboards

We build a CPA advertising program for you.

Step #1: Land.

Own The Communication Channel

Discover the exact amount of calls & leads generated to each listed business.

Get Insights:

  • Average Call Duration
  • Valid (Billable) Calls Percentage
  • Amount of Repeat Callers
  • Peak Call Volume
  • Answering Time & Rate

Step #2: Design

Design A Pay per Call Program

We’re at Addsource know how to design a complete Pay Per Lead pricing model.

Our Key Indicators:

  • Business Vertical
  • Service Area
  • Industry Competitive Saturation
  • Current Market Price
  • Deal Value & Consumer Intent

Step #3: Explode

Introduction to your Customers

Deliver clear value & results, Become your customers favorite publisher.


  • Introduce Pay Per Call advertising to service providers.
  • Onboard customers to Addsource platform.
  • Set up billing invoicing & recurring packages

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By utilizing Pay Per Call and Pay Per Lead publishers can generate revenue by monetizing phone calls and online traffic, on top the methods publishers are already using. With an option to partner and distribute leads everywhere.

Track calls and messages and optimize for performance on any channel: PPC, Social, Organic traffic (SEO) and offline.

  • Skyrocket your directory profits and turn it to highly profitable, action-oriented web environment.
  • Know what bring in more business in your paid / organic / offline advertisement campaigns for every submission type (Calls & Messages)
  • Provide clear results, added value and enable internal business improvement to clients via call recordings and important metrics like average duration and connected rate.
  • Enable business to track messages from emails & SMS and reply back instantly.

We have flexible pay-as-you-go pricing based on usage & billable actions for all business sizes. strategy implementation and CPA program creation are completely free. Learn more on our pricing page.

Addsource does not charge onboarding fees. We are focused on getting you set up for success and will provide the support and documentation you need.

You can set any rule and criteria to define if a call is billable.

Typically this is based on the duration of the phone call, in addition you can validate calls based on multiple factors factors such as the date and time the call took place, geo information of the call. Unanswered calls or repeat calls also do not typically qualify for commission.

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