System Features

In AddSource, all customers are premium. All plans includes the following features:

Instant Virtual Number Purchase

You can purchase local and toll free numbers with carrier-grade sound quality and reliability. All it takes is a few simple clicks - from within the Addsource system. The numbers will be instantly active for you to use.

Phone Call Analytics Features

The dashboard and report center will give you the ability to monitor and understand what advertising is working in your favor and what can be done better. Analytics can even help understanding activity of a single service phone line.

Report Center

Access reports to track call quantity, call duration, call date and time, answered calls,dropped calls, numbers, advertising sources, destinations, geographies and metro.    

Call Recording

Call recording has become one of the most popular tools to analyze your inbound call activity and adapt marketing activity and client services based upon the recorded information.

Mark Calls and Download

Important calls need to be saved. You can do that for training and answer quality monitoring purposes. Download the calls into mp3 format and send to one of the managers or your clients.

Data Export

So we have the option to download the calls but what about reports? You can download the reports and send them out in the way you like and present only the data that you want. As CSV or PDF in multiple formats.

Account Management

Update and edit your account details from within the dashboard. You can easily self-manage your account.

Block Numbers

Don't let spam calls distract you from making sells. Screen your phone line to get only the numbers that matters for you.

Groups Management

Set and add group privileges so your teams/client will get only relevant info. You can manage all your preferences from within the dashboard.

Per Line Validation Rules

What do you consider a valid call? Addsource' system allows you to set custom rules for each of your lines, based on your preferences. You will then be able to calculate only your valid calls and vice-versa.

Unlimited Archive

You can store your archive calls data for an unlimited time. Your archived data allows you to effectively compare your stats and improvements during time.

Custom Recorded Greetings

First impression has the utmost effect on your customers. Greet your callers with a custom greeting that can be set up uniquely per line.

The Addsource Platform

Our system is powerful yet simple to use:

Easy Access

Login to the Addsource website and follow the simple sign up process. The system is user friendly and easy to navigate.

Account Setup

Designate and purchase your set of local US and 800 numbers. Name the source of each number’s campaign and set the valid call rules.

Review Calls

Addsource records and organizes your calls for you so that you can easily find and review calls. There are filters which let you navigate through your calls to listen to recordings from specific sources, specific geographies, or calls that you have marked.

Valid Calls = Business

When setting the number you are able to set the validation time that will differentiate this type of call from other cals. If a call time exceeds the validation time, this will appear as a “valid call” in the dashboard.


Addsource platform has empowered my company to operate in a more effective way. The call tracking platform has helped to increase my overall productivity. Y. Lampert, CEO at Goteq

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