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Yes, advertising can be per result, call, SMS, email

Enable True Performance Based Marketing
Sell Calls And Leads Directly to Customers on Autopilot!

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We made the most powerful tool to enable & automate performance based marketing for everyone.

Addsource Pay-Per-Action Platform enables to offer CPA advertising and bill upon a qualified result for calls & messages.

Our platform designed to help publishers reach maximum ROI by offering Pay Per Action advertising and benefit from each interaction.

Trusted By Industry Leaders

A Complete Pay Per Action Platform

Lead Tracking & Distribution Tailored Made For Performance

Driving phone calls and gain insight

Take control over your voice communication channels, track and optimize inbound call traffic.

Seamless integration

Cloud call center with all the numbers & features you need.

Measure Calls

Maximize ROI with multichannel marketing performance analytics

Validate Call Conversions

Track conversions with custom validation rules

True Cost Per Lead

Gain a clear financial insight on your performance.

Track and Manage Every Interaction

Unlock multi-channel advertising on every submission type, automatically or manually validate leads and drive internal business improvement.

Track Forms & Emails

Track every interaction instantly and bill upon it

SMS Tracking

Log & analyze SMS conversions

Gain Behavior Insight

Call recordings & segmentation

Win More Customers

Eliminate missed calls with custom notifications.

Bill and Collect Conveniently

Allowing true performance based billing, spend more time doing what you're best at, while keeping your current business model.

Bill Per Valid Action

Set custom bids and rules for each conversion type

Set a Recurring Fee

Set a fixed recurring monthly payment

Affiliates System

Manage affiliate & partner commissions

Custom Invoices

Automatically generate account balance & billing reports

Manage a Balance

Offer a convenient Pre-Pay or Post-Pay billing model.

Your Merchant Provider

Instantly connect your payment provider

Manage Multiple Account Levels

Deliver results & reports under one ecosystem, define system roles and access level custom for each account.

Publisher & Advertiser Accounts

Manage sub-accounts and deliver custom dashboards

Manage Multiple Locations & Clients

Manage franchises & multi-location businesses

White Label Dashboard

Customize our dashboard to carry your brand .

Customers & Team Members

Set unlimited amount of users with custom access levels.

Addsource Is Perfect For Everyone

  • Make 10x revenue utilizing Pay Per Call and Pay Per Lead advertisement
  • Make profit from every communication channel
  • Instant White label capability! Make your brand stand out
  • Perfect for local citations & service directories websites / apps


  • Offer true performance based marketing
  • Capture, validate & bill for every interaction
  • Automate affiliates & partners payouts
  • Supports multiple account use cases


  • Track every interaction, improve conversions and gain more opportunities.
  • Measure advertising effectiveness on any channel
  • Manage franchises & multi location businesses
  • Customer service & cloud call center united to one ecosystem.

You're in good company

Transformed my restaurant directory into a call selling machine.
David H. - Owner of Great Kosher Reesturants an international magazine & local citations for kosher restaurants.
Discover How David Scaled His Returant Directory Revenue by 556%

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By utilizing Pay Per Call and Pay Per Lead publishers can generate revenue by monetizing phone calls and online traffic, on top the methods publishers are already using. With an option to partner and distribute leads everywhere.

No, we’re enabling people to track and optimize their lead generation efforts and bill upon every lead thru our platform.

Track your calls and messages campaigns and optimize for performance on any channel: PPC, Social, Organic traffic (SEO) and offiline performance.

We have flexible pay-as-you-go pricing based on usage & billable actions for all business sizes, Book a 15 minute demo to learn more.

Addsource does not charge onboarding fees. We are focused on getting you set up for success and will provide the support and documentation you need.

You can set any rule and criteria to define if a call is billable.

Typically this is based on the duration of the phone call, in addition you can validate calls based on multiple factors factors such as the date and time the call took place, geo information of the call. Unanswered calls or repeat calls also do not typically qualify for commission.

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Book a demo today
  • Free 14 Day Trial
  • Strategy Consultation